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Cornwall’s premier Driver Training  school. With years of experience in Cornwall and the surrounding area, our team looks forward to delivering either our MTO approved BDE course, private lessons, or road test packages!

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First Route Driving School offers our MTO Approved Digital BDE Course including a minimum of 10 hours of in-car instruction.

We also offer private 1-on-1 lessons to anyone looking to brush up on their driving skills, prepare for a road test, or gain confidence behind the wheel.

MTO Approved BDE Course

20 Hours Online Self-Paced Instruction

10 Hours of Online Homework

10 Hours of 1-on-1 In-Car Instruction

Private Lessons

Private 1-on-1 In-Car Lessons

Road Test Packages (Warm Up Lesson and Use of Car for Road Test)


Don’t Settle For Less

Learn From the Experts with Over 15 Years Experience!

Our instructors are all carefully chosen and trained to the highest standards. Our instructors have experience with students of all ages and abilities. Take advantage of our professional and supportive instruction!

Local instructor Steve is great. He takes the time to explain and offers tips to be a safer driver.
Dano Brisson
Dano Brisson
Steven is an incredible instructor. He is patient, friendly and knowledgeable.He boosted my confidence when I needed it the most and perfectly prepared me for my G2. I highly recommend him!
Rosalinda C.
Rosalinda C.
First Route Driving School was the more affordable driving course in Cornwall, but the positive reviews on Steve sealed the deal for me.The virtual portion of coursework was lengthy, but necessary and doable. I passed my G1 knowledge exam on first attempt.My anxiety was mostly with driving because I had never been behind the wheel before. Steve was a stellar driving teacher. His instructions were clear and and concise. His critique was fair and constructive, frequently offering helpful tips throughout the in-car lessons. And mostly, Steve was just a humorous and kind teacher. My nerves melted away with each lesson because I felt confident and just overall happy behind the wheel with him guiding me by my side. 🙂
Alisha Ng
Alisha Ng
The course I took, approaches the same topics of the driver's handbook, but with way more simple and easier and with the help of the Cornwall instructor Steve. He was an amazing instructor and help me loads, can’t wait for him to help my brother learn the rules of the road. Amazing guy helpful and patient, would highly recommend.
kyle novosad
kyle novosad
Steve my instructor was the bestHe really helped me pass this testEverything he showed me really helped meThank you so much Steve and First Route Driving got everything now I no I’ll be a Very Good Driver this place I’ll recommend to everyone
Billy Gunn
Billy Gunn
It was really good learning with Steve . I was one of those who never drove a bicycle but I never felt nervous with him because of his patience towards making me learn to drive. And guess what I passed G2 in first try. Thank you man for being so dedicated.
Jimmy patel
Jimmy patel
would highly recommend to anyone looking to get some lessons in before taking g2…steve helped me feel confident driving and i passed my g2 test the first try! very funny guy and great conversation!
kylie paul
kylie paul
Liked the service, Steve was a very good instructor felt comfortable throughout the training and completed G2 within a month
Sandeep Sandy
Sandeep Sandy
I recently had the pleasure of learning how to drive with Steve as my instructor at First Route Driving School and overall it was an wonderful experience. His professionalism and patient teaching style made the entire process smooth and enjoyable. Scheduling was hassle-free. Whenever a rescheduling was needed, ample notice was provided well in advance.Steve facilitated a supportive environment that made it less nerve wracking behind the wheel. His friendly nature helped alleviate anxieties I had, allowing me to focus on learning and improving my driving skills. I truly appreciated Steve's patience and understanding when it came to teaching new drivers like myself.Steve never resorted to yelling or displaying frustration while giving instructions. He maintained a positive and encouraging attitude. In addition, his guidance was delivered in a clear and concise manner, with a focus on constructive feedback and improvement. This approach fostered a supportive learning environment where I felt comfortable asking questions and seeking clarification. Steve's ability to adapt his teaching methods to suit individual learning styles was commendable, ensuring that I grasped each concept effectively.Overall, my experience with Steve at First Route Driving School was exceptional. His professionalism, patience, and understanding of new drivers make him an outstanding instructor. I highly recommend Steve and First Route Driving School to anyone looking for a reliable, supportive, and skilled instructor who can help make the learning process a positive and stress-free experience.
Mandy Lam
Mandy Lam
Sandeep Asritha
Sandeep Asritha

Steven Daniel

My name is Steven Daniel, and I am a driving instructor for First Route Driving School.

During the pandemic, I decided I wanted to make a career change after 15 years as a chef. I’ve always loved driving and have always been a good driver. I started looking into potential careers where I could make a living doing something that I love.

I’ve been an instructor since March 2022 and I can honestly say that I really, really enjoy it. I’ve always been in a leadership role or teaching role in my previous jobs and I am a very detail-oriented and patient person. I love the freedom of the job, making my own schedule and meeting all of the new students who I am fortunate enough to get to train/work with.

Although safety must always come first in our industry, I am a firm believer in making sure we have fun along the way. First Route is a great company to work for and also to be a student with, as my students are always telling me how much they enjoyed their experience with us.

To all my future students I look forward to meeting you and teaching you a valuable skill that you will use for the rest of your lives.

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