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Brockville’s premier Driver Training  school. With over 10 years of experience in Brockville and the surrounding area, our team looks forward to delivering either our MTO approved BDE course, private lessons, or road test packages!

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First Route Driving School offers our MTO Approved Digital BDE Course including a minimum of 10 hours of in-car instruction.

We also offer private 1-on-1 lessons to anyone looking to brush up on their driving skills, prepare for a road test, or gain confidence behind the wheel.

MTO Approved BDE Course

20 Hours Online Self-Paced Instruction

10 Hours of Online Homework

10 Hours of 1-on-1 In-Car Instruction

Private Lessons

Private 1-on-1 In-Car Lessons

Road Test Packages (Warm Up Lesson and Use of Car for Road Test)


Don’t Settle For Less

Learn From the Experts with Over 15 Years Experience!

Our instructors are all carefully chosen and trained to the highest standards. Our instructors have experience with students of all ages and abilities. Take advantage of our professional and supportive instruction!

First Route Driving School Brockville
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I had the best experience with first route, my instructor was Joe. Without his help, I definitely wouldn’t have passed my test. I am incredibly great full I had him as an instructor, he taught me so much and was so accommodating with my schedule. Joe helped raise my confidence level in driving, while also keeping me calm during each lesson. I hope many other students get an instructor like Joe!
Lauren was an amazing driving instructor… would come back any time and recommend to everyone.
I had two Instructor's help me out since my original one retirement, he was a good instructor and helped me our alot well i had him. My other instructor was terrific ,Lauren was a very positive and very knowledgeable instructor witch helped me out alot, even when I messed up she still kept her cool and told me how to fix my mistakes.she was an amazing Instructor overall thx again Lauren 👏 😊
I had Lauren as my driver and she was amazing. She was not only able to book an extra last minute appointment before my g2, but help me gain confidence in my ability to drive. I would recommend her to anyone that is nervous about driving!!! With Lauren’s help I passed my g2 and am extremely confident in my driving abilities. Thank you Lauren!
Joe Vandervelde was awesome!! Explained everything clearly and in several different ways so understanding was easy. Very patient and didn't make me feel stressed at all. Gave references to make things easier to place myself properly while paralle parking, 3 point turns etc.. even had some good laughs! highly recommended! Thanks again Joe(Congrats on the marriage)
I had a great experience using First Route! I had Lauren as a driving instructor and she was amazing! She had great references when it came to things like parking, finding your rainbow (mirror checks), and overall driving techniques! When I first started driving I was super nervous and after driving Lauren (and after a few lessons with Joe) I have become much more confident in my driving abilities. They were both so great and I can now do things that I couldn’t before. 10/10!
this review is for Lauren one of the funniest and best driving teachers ever thank you so much 🙂 you always know how to teach and have fun during our lessons.
Had to do G test post small accident, fatal mistake didnt take lesson prior to test.had 150 mins lessons with Lauren prior to repeat exam.Passed easily. Lauren, was great teacher, honest ,straight talker, critical when necessary.HIGHLY RECOMMEND,do not hesitate call Lauren.John Q
I've been doing private lessons with Lauren (and one with Joe too!) and I can honestly say that the only reason I got my license was because of their help and support. Both were incredibly patient, knowledgeable, and friendly. The idea of driving always gave me anxiety, but Lauren helped my gain so much confidence and I couldn't be more grateful. She was able to make driving a fun experience, something I never thought would be the case for me! The way she taught things made it really easy for me to absorb everything and work good driving habits into me early. Thanks so much, Lauren & Joe!
On behalf of Ashley ParkinsonI had Joe as an instructor, he was great! I registered early and had to delay my lessons, he was awesome with the Followup and upfront about how far out he was booking so I made sure I got all my lessons in before my test date. When I ran in to a struggle getting someone to take me for my test he was right there with the car and a warmup lesson to ease my nerves.My overall experience was great! He was knowledgeable, calm and understanding. When a mistake happened he gave both positive and negative feedback to help correct anything wrong, he also built on the new skills and did various road routes to get me comfortable behind the wheel and at ease.
My son's instructor, Joe was amazing! He worked with our schedule and supported him with many tips to enhance his driving skills! Highly recommend his expertise!
I had an incredible experience with my instructor, Lauren. She is insanely friendly and amazing to be around. She is incredibly patient and understanding and she goes out of her way to make your experience the best it can be. Lauren helped me with my nerves when driving and made me a way more confident driver. She taught me how to drive when I had never even touched a car before! She is a very talented teacher. She always makes learning to drive fun. She is the best! You can tell she truly cares about her students. I’m so lucky to have been taught by her!
There are positive and negative reviews on first route, but when it comes to Lauren, the driving instructor, you can't go wrong. She is the best thing that happened to me in first route and my driving experience. Always on time, jovial and with me every step of the way. SPOILER ALERT! everything she taught me was in the G2 road test. There was no way to fail something, I have been doing over and over again. I do not know if students choose instructors, but I'd highly recommend her.SincerelyEliud
I had a really great experience with my instructor Lauren, she was very calm and relaxed. She was able to teach me with the very little experience I had, she also helped with my nerves and hesitations about driving. It was a fun and enjoyable experience!
I had a great experience with Joe as my driving instructor. He was very friendly, calm and supportive. He was really good at giving me tips and helping me to gain confidence as I worked on my driving skills. I also had one lesson with Lauren, who was also a wonderful instructor.
I had an incredibly great experience with First Route. I had private classes with Steve and I purchased the package to use the car to do the road test. It was essential to pass on my road test. Thank to Steve, who knows pretty well how to teach and what is required to pass, I succesfully passed on the road test.
I just finished my in car lessons with Lauren and I just wanted to say what a great teacher she is she helped me with very little little experience to become id say a very well driver she helped me break my fear and hesitation in traffic she helped with parking skills she helped with throttle control she was a very personable teacher was a very fun experience thank you for helping me become the driver I am now.
Dave helped me become confident when driving and gave me lots of tips for taking my G2 test. Would definitely recommend to others! Dave is now at another business.
Dave is very nice teacher he make me pass in one time for g2 I always gonna thankful to him if you want to pass for your test in one shot I’ll recommend this preferred driving school
I learned a lot from here and I feel much more confident when I drive. I had Paula, Tony, and Willow as my driving instructors and they did a fantastic job teaching me! I would recommend learning to drive here!

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