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MTO Approved

Beginner Driver Education Course

Our BDE Course

We Can Do it All!

We offer an immersive, comprehensive and student focused program. Our self-paced online system is flexible, interactive and simple to use. Our in-car instruction is designed to support and teach new drivers as they progress through their lessons.

Basic Driving Manoeuvres

Starting the car, turning, backing up, accelerating

Advanced Driving Manoeuvres

Three point turn, u-turn, parallel parking

Rules of the Road

Current laws, licensing requirements, traffic signs and signals, road etiquette

Defensive Driving

Cooperative and defensive driving techniques in theory and on the road

Highway Driving

In locations where there is a 400 series highway


The Three Components to the BDE Course

20 Hours of Online Instruction

Our BDE course is delivered using self-paced instruction. It is available 24/7 and can be completed up to 5 hours a day, or as little as 15 minutes! Enjoy complete flexibility in this immersive system.

10 Hours 1-on-1 In-Car Instruction

Our instructors will deliver 10 hours of private, 1-on-1 instruction including local pick up and drop off within the city limits of the cities we service. Each lesson is carefully designed to maximize retention and ensure each student is growing and developing.

10 Hours of Online Homework

Our homework modules are delivered using the same self-paced technology as the course and can be completed at your own pace. These assignments and activities help to further develop road skills and retention of the ideas taught in the course.


BDE Course Specials

Visit our home page to see our current specials! Brockville, Cornwall and North Bay specials are currently available, and limited-time coupon codes are available from time to time as well!


BDE Course Packages

Payment plans and coupon codes are available.

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